The Roadmender

The Roadmender was first published in February 1902.  It was an immediate success and was reprinted in April, May, July, September and November of 1902 and January, March, June, August and December of 1903. It continued to be regularly reprinted until 1920 when the illustrated edition (upon which this copy was based) was published.

That's why I have taken it upon myself to publish this internet version.  I hope I offend no-one. Copyright has long ago expired  and so I feel free to reproduce it here in the hope that by doing so it will continue to be accessible to some who would otherwise not have the opportunity to appreciate it. It is a book of it's time with the charm of a bygone age.  It's main attraction to me however is the fleeting glimpse of a world that was already fast disappearing in 1901 and a lesson in contentment and appreciation of our environment regardless of religious orientation.  

The Illustrations are by Will F. Taylor from the 1920 edition.

I hope you enjoy it.

Keith Day


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