The Last Generation on Dartmoor

Chagford lies on the eastern edge of Dartmoor. The Ellis family had lived there and in the area roundabout for generations. Richard Ellis was born there in 1786 and like his father and his father before him was a yeoman farmer, working his own lands at Yadworthy. Shortly after Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 Richard was taken ill and died leaving a widow and six children (the oldest aged 16).

I have had difficulty finding details of his will but here is a copy of the will of a likely contender. I am still working on exactly how this fit into the overall picture of the family in Chagford.

What is certain is that by the time of the 1852 census my branch of the family has broken up and left the area. Richard Ellis's widow and eldest son have emigrated (with assistance from the parish) to Canada. Mary Ann Ellis (the eldest daughter and my great great grandmother) had married in Exeter and moved to the developing city of Southampton.


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