The Mayor Of Scunthorpe

In the late 1930's, my father was aged about 10. His father, Harry Day, had moved to Southampton from Lincolnshire as a soldier during the Great War. My father remembers a visit from a man in a big black car (something of a rarity in those days). The visitor was his uncle – his fathers brother. He doesn't remember his uncle's name but my researches suggest it would have been George, Frederick, John or Tom (all with surname DAY)

After staying a few days the uncle returned to Lincolnshire and my father never saw him again. Other members of the family remember the event and family tradition has it that the man was the Mayor of Scunthorpe.

I have established however that Scunthorpe was not a borough and did not have a mayor until 1936 and that no Mayor of the period was named Day.

So it's a mystery!

Who was the “Mayor of Scunthorpe” and what was the origin and the truth of his reputed position as mayor?

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